ASUS Releases ROG Bezel-Free Kits for Multi-monitor Configurations

Multi-monitors setups are great, but there are always the bezels between the displays. Even though many monitor manufacturers advertise “bezel-less” displays there is always extra material on the edges of the panel. ASUS has a solution to this with their new ROG Bezel-Free Kit. The way these work is that you align your monitor at a certain angle (ASUS recommends 130º), then apply the transparent material on the bezels, and finally attach the clips to the top and bottom of your monitors. These kits use refraction to make your bezels disappear, while extending the images on your screen making a seamless transition between your monitors.

rog bezel 2

This solution might be the perfect thing for multi-monitor users. Your screen diagonals do need to be smaller than 27-inches for these to work though. ASUS will be selling the ROG bezel-free kits for $110 each.

rog bezel 3

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