ASUS Reveals a new USB4 Add-in Card

ASUS has just revealed their new USB4 add-in card, which has the very generic name of “USB4 PCIe Gen4 Card”. MSI was actually the first one to show off a USB4 add-in card as we saw theirs back at Computex 2023. The two cards are very similar in terms of outputs and inputs with both having two USB4 outputs and two DisplayPort 1.4 inputs. These inputs are for those who want to use USB4 to connect to a display.

ASUS USB4 PCIe Gen4 Card

Also on the card you will find a USB 2.0 header, custom USB4 header (for communication with the motherboard), and a 6-pin power connection. The card will have support for two monitors and three devices or one monitor and four devices when daisy-chained. ASUS has gone with a shroud on this card for better looks, but under the hood is the ASM4242 USB4 host controller from ASMedia.

ASUS USB4 PCIe Gen4 Card

The card will also deliver 60W USB power delivery, although the MSI card offered 100W. This card should work with any ASUS motherboard that has a TB/USB4 header on it. The product page has just gone up so we don’t know when this card will be available or the pricing.


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