ASUS Reveals New Back Bling At CES 2019

Just when we thought we had seen nearly every implementation of RGB, ASUS surprises us with their RGB backpack. Yes, you heard that right, RGB backpack. The ROG Ranger BP3703 is outfitted with multiple RGB LED lighting zones, including two on the back and one on the right front strap.


Controlling the color and lighting modes comes in two modes; a strap-mounted remote, and a Bluetooth connected Android app. There are three on-board lighting modes, while the app lets you configure seven lighting profiles and includes a standard inventory of effects.

Helping you see inside the bag is an internal white LED that we were quite impressed with.


Power is achieved by either providing your own battery pack that uses a USB Type-A connector, or by purchasing the Ranger with a battery.

We should see the ROG Ranger BP3703 go on sale sometime later this year, but at this time we do not have any pricing.