ASUS ROG Gladius Gaming Mouse Review

Included Software
You can easily download ASUS ROG Armoury software to fully customize your mouse. Once installed it will also update the firmware on the mouse to the latest version. The first tab in the software is the buttons tab, here you can set all of your buttons for what you want them to be. These can be set not only to mouse buttons, but also to windows commands, macro’s and keyboard functions. You also have the ability to add, load, save and import profiles.


The Macro Manager can be accessed by clicking the Macro button on any of the tabs. It is quite easy to set up, record and save macros for use in your favorite games.


The second tab is performance where you can set the two sensitivity (DPI) levels. These are the two levels that are to be used with the sensitivity switch button on the mouse. ASUS seems to very much have this set up like a sniper button with the second DPI being very low. You can change each DPI in 50 DPI increments all the way up to 6400 DPI. You can also adjust the acceleration, angle snapping, and polling rate.


Moving on to the lighting tab there are actually three spots on the mouse the light up, the ROG logo, scroll wheel, and DPI switch. You can turn the illumination for these on and off as well as set the illumination to “breathe”.


The last tab is calibration where you can actually calibrate the mouse. Here you have the choice of preset surfaces like a cloth mousepad, metal mousepad, plastic mousepad, glass mousepad and wood. You can also manually calibrate the mouse yourself on the surface you are using.


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