ASUS ROG Matrix GTX 980 Ti Platinum Fully Detailed

Last month ASUS was showing off their new products in their Republic of Gamers line. One of those happened to be the premium Republic of Gamers Matrix GTX 980 Ti Platinum graphics card. While ASUS showed that card off we really did not get much information on the card, until now. We have all of the details on the ROG Matrix GTX 980 Ti Platinum!

ASUS ROG Matrix GTX 980 Ti Platinum

The ROG Matrix GTX 980 Ti Platinum will be ASUS’s highest-end offering in their GeForce GTX stack. The card itself has two different operating modes. First you have Gaming Mode which has the card operating at 1291 MHz. Then there is OC Mode which brings things up even more to 1317 MHz. This makes the card quite fast compared to the reference GeForce GTX 980 Ti. Check out the graphs below (click for larger images).

ASUS-ROG-MATRIX-GTX-980-Ti-Platinum_Witcher-3 ASUS-ROG-MATRIX-GTX-980-Ti-Platinum_Metro-Last-Light ASUS-ROG-MATRIX-GTX-980-Ti-Platinum_GTA-V ASUS-ROG-MATRIX-GTX-980-Ti-Platinum_Performance

The card makes use of a fully custom PCB from ASUS. It features a 14-phase DIGI+VRM design that has the latest Super Alloy II components. These components include SAP II capacitors, SAP II chokes, SAP II DrMOS, SAP II PSOCAP to deliver 30% less power noise and 5 times greater durability than standard designs.


Another cool thing about the card is that it uses memory defroster technology which defrosts the ice from the PCB when you are using a cooling solution like LN2. The card is built using ASUS’s Auto Extreme tech which is 100% automated.


ASUS has gone with a new color design on their new ROG products which is dark orange and black, which we feel looks pretty awesome! The cooling solution is the DirectCU II cooler with 10 mm heatpipes and a large aluminum fin stack. The heatpipes make direct contact with the GPU. The cooler has dual fans with Wing-blade technology that delivers 105% more air pressure. With this the cooler is 30% cooler and 3x quieter than the reference GTX 980 Ti cooler.


On the side of the card there is a ROG color-coded LED that will light up different colors to show the actual load on the GPU itself.


The ASUS ROG Matrix GTX 980 Ti Platinum is expected to launch in November at will have an estimated price above $699.



Source: via WCCFTech | News Archive

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