ASUS Teases Z490 Boards Including a White ROG STRIX

ASUS has sort of posted a teaser collage with a few of their upcoming Z490 motherboards with the text “Coming Soon”. Looking at this image of different motherboards we can see a few things we’ve already seen from the leak earlier this week, but the one thing that really catches our attention is the White ROG Strix. While not completely white it does have a white I/O cover and silver heatsinks, which is different from the all black look they’ve had previously.

asus z490 boards tease

We also see a ProArt board. ASUS uses this brand for their ultra-premium monitors, notebooks, and desktops, geared towards serious content-creation work. When it comes to motherboards ASUS has just created a ProArt mini-site that includes “Pro WS” boards that use both enterprise and client chipsets. This is the first time we’ve seen the ProArt branding on a motherboard.

It looks like the motherboard in the bottom right of the image is the ROG Maximus XII Apex and it features SATA ports that are inside of a unique cut-out.

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