ASUS Unveils Poseidon Formula 1 Ultimate Gaming Machine

ASUS could not get enough from Computex and has revealed its ultimate gaming machine called the Poseidon Formula 1. Boarding the top ROG’s gaming hardware and showing off the new Poseidon GTX 700 series GPU. It combines NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 700 graphics series with a hybrid cooling system along with ASUS CoolTech combining lower and axial fans enclosed in one design, thrusting air over the heatsink in a numerous directions. It is a actually a liquid cooling system to which ROG promises can reduce temperature up to 31 degrees Celsius to keep the critical components cool, also ensuring the over clocking features from its typical 3.5GHz to an amazing 6.88GHz.

ASUS Poseidon Formula One

Coming down to other features the system comprises of ROG’s new Maximus VI Formula motherboard that encloses even better thermal cooling assistance and the company’s supremeFX audio card which will provide gamers 120dB headphones output along with a 600 Ohm headphone amplifier for enhanced volume and maximum clarity preventing sound distortion. It also includes the WIMA and ELNA audio cap which further enhances high frequency sound details like gunshots, footsteps and engine.

ASUS Poseidon Formula One

We are sure this ultimate gaming machine can fulfill the purpose of game lovers and enthusiasts everywhere.

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Source: Engadget | News Archive