ASUS VH232H 23-inch 1080p LCD Monitor Review

I used the ASUS vh232h for a few weeks, primarily for gaming and surfing the web. I wrote several reviews using it and even did a little coding, what little coding I actually do on my Windows desktop anymore.

Games I played include Torchlight, Mirror’s Edge, Left 4 Dead 2, and Just Cause 2. I even played a little bit of Braid and some old school Ricochet.

All of the games were impressively clear. I attempted to record the screen while playing the first two, but the camera just couldn’t do it justice.

Of course, one of the negatives of getting a larger screen is that text needs to be larger in order not to strain my eyes. Also, I tend to want to push games to the native resolution, so the framerate drops. Going from 1680×1050 to 1920×1080 wasn’t a giant rate drop, but it was noticeable. Time to upgrade my video card!

I also watched clips from a few movies. From Dusk Till Dawn remains one of my favorite movies with which to test monitors. I was impressed with the appearance!

ASUS VH232H 23-inch 1080p LCD Monitor ASUS VH232H 23-inch 1080p LCD Monitor

The speakers are alright. They’re nothing to write home about, though. They’re sufficient for system audio, and perhaps some music. As space savers for a system on which headphones will generally be used, they’re perfect for that rare occasion that speakers are desired.

Also, no dead or stuck pixels on this unit.

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