ASUS’s GPU Tweak II Puts Ads In Your Games

ASUS’s bundles their GPU Tweak II software with its graphics cards. This software allows you to overclock and monitor your graphics card. There is a performance overlay mode, which adds an overlay to games, which can show you GPU speed, frame-rates, temperature, and much more in real time. It looks like this software is now also overlaying ads too.

gpu tweak wtf

Reddit user “PurpleSquash640” has posted a screenshot of an ASUS banner ad overlaying in his Battlefield V game. This banner is positioned at the right-center of the screen and there is text on it that says “turn off this picture press ctrl+alt+F”. The overlay will disappear if you close GPU Tweak II.

This is definitely a questionable move by ASUS, no one wants to see ads in their games. What do you guys think?

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