Audials’ All-In-One Media Experience for Fans of Music, Movies and Podcasts

Audials One is the company’s flagship product, incorporating features for legally recording audio as well as video and throwing in a few more for good measure, adding up to an all-in-one media experience that is very, very hard to match.

Audials One 2016 is aimed at lovers of both music and movies but for all of its functionality for the latter, including recording video streaming even from major top-flyer sites like Netflix or Amazon – it’s the only software that can record entire seasons off these sites, episode by episode – as well as working as a fully functional media organizer for your entire video library, it’s at the former that it truly shines.


It can record music streaming sites with just as much ease as it can video sites, and can even record audio from streaming videos, but it offers so much more for any music fan. It searches in over 100,000 online radio stations for any music that you may be looking for but, more than just a rudimentary “keyword-type” search, it features smart-search capabilities that allow it to search according to any number of criteria, allows you to browse similar artists and displays the results according to discography for easy access. Once you’ve found the music you’ve been looking for, Audials One allows you to save any of it directly to your computer, fills in the ID3 tags in all categories (while allowing you the option to edit the tags yourself) and converts between most major formats with ease.


Perhaps the most exciting function for music fans, though, is Audials One’s so-called “Music Wish” function. Taking the idea of a “wishlist” to newer and greater heights, Audial One uses your custom wishlists, including anything from specific albums to entire genres, and constantly scans the internet and online radio stations for any time that your desired music shows up. This allows you to discover new music similar to your favourites, downloads entire radio shows that feature your favourite kinds of music and works with plugins from the wider community to further refine your search criteria. It has constant access to free, regularly updated charts to make sure that you’re getting the best and most recent results.

For those looking for different kinds of audio files, Audials One also features a fully integrated podcasts tab. With access to over 120 000 international podcasts, Audials One can stream or download your favourites and allow you to discover new favourites through smart searches that include everything from topic to language to popularity; all of which can be downloaded with a single click into your desired audio format.

You can buy the individual Audials components (and try a demo of each for free) but Audials One is by far the cheapest way to enjoy all the different options that the company offers, with each program/ component supplementing each other into a fully integrated and fully functional all-in-one media package. Get it now at their website for the discounted price of $39.90.

Link to a tutorial video about music wishes and music search:

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