AudienceGain Reviews: Does price really matter with 4000 watch hours?

Between a cheap but uncertain quality of service and an efficient but higher-priced service, which would you choose? That would be a more tough question when the service is related to 4000 watch hours to make money from YouTube. Watch time is inherently a problem for content creators, and they will have more headaches when facing pricing options. So, today’s article will go through AudienceGain reviews to help you explain it all.

Benefits of buying YouTube watch hours

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Most people are concerned about the impact of purchasing YouTube watch time on a channel’s trustworthiness. Buying YouTube view time and subscribers boosts your channel’s reputation and visibility. This helps you to monetize your channel successfully and quickly. The following are notable advantages of purchasing YouTube watch time or subscribers.

Eligibility for financial compensation

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The first benefit of purchasing watch time or subscribers is that your channel may become monetizable. To be eligible for monetization on YouTube in 2021 or even 2022, you must have at least 4000 hours of watch time on your videos in the previous year and 1000 subscribers.

Increased views

Of course, purchasing YouTube view time will boost overall user engagement on your channel. Your videos will receive more views, comments, likes, and thumbs-ups as a result of this. Your channel is more reputable and noticeable to users on the search engine with more outstanding YouTube watch time and subscribers. Credible channels see a significant increase in their subscriber base.

YouTube’s top search results

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Purchasing watch time and subscribers boost the overall credibility of your channel. As a result, your films will appear higher in YouTube’s search results. This means that when consumers use a search engine to find relevant terms, your material will be among the top results. Because the top results receive the most views, likes, comments, thumbs-ups, and shares on other social media platforms and third-party sites, this is the secret behind practically every renowned YouTuber’s success story.

SEO optimization

Another advantage of purchasing YouTube subscribers or watch time is that your material will appear in other search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, in addition to appearing in the top search results on YouTube.

More legitimacy

Purchasing YouTube watch time or subscribers boosts your channel’s credibility in the eyes of potential advertisers, sponsors, your target demographic, and third-party entities.

Advertisers would be more likely to contact you if you had more credibility and visibility as a result of higher watch hours. Furthermore, advertisers frequently rely on well-known YouTube channels with a large number of subscribers and long viewing hours to promote their products or services.

→ So, it’s well worth the money for a service that brings so many long-term benefits. Let’s go into the AudienceGain Reviews part to evaluate the 4000 hours watch time service. Let’s see how it has benefited customers.

AudienceGain Reviews: Price comes with quality

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Known as the most outstanding service from AudienceGain, 4000 hours of YouTube watch time is mainly focused to solve all the pain points that YouTubers encounter. AudienceGain offers options with different pricing and different needs.

Packages with watch hours only

There are some content creators who already have enough fans on-demand and only need hours of viewing, this package is quite suitable for them.

AudienceGain will gain real watch hours by using their social media, advertising video content directly through social groups, and boost the number of people who watch it. Watch hours are gained organically so the customer’s channel would never be demonetized.

Prices range from $15 for a trial purchase of 200 watch hours to $179 for 4000 watch hours.

Packages with watch hours and subscribers

While still using the same method to gain watch hours, offers two different options relating to 1000 subscribers.

  • 4000 hours & 1000 HQ subscribers only cost $219, and this package is suitable for YouTubers who only want to activate monetization.

The subscribers, who are unrelated to the channel’s niches, come from AudienceGain’s social community. So HQ subscribers are less expensive, and the majority of the people that subscribe to this subscription will not engage with customers’ videos.

However, ensures that there will be no permanent reduction in subscribers, and it is 100% safe and consistent in quality.

  • 4000 hours & 1000 AdWords subscribers will take $509, over double than the HQ subscribers, and it is perfect for those who want their videos to have a higher ranking and are more likely to go viral.

AdWords will be used to find and engage the right audience. YouTube recommends AdWords for content creators to have actual followers.

Notes: Impressive refund policy

If the customer’s channel is not approved for YPP, the buyer will receive a full refund. For them to be able to assert with such assurance, must have a solid foundation. And, thankfully, no negative comment has yet been received.


After researching carefully about AudienceGain reviews, you might have made a decision to decide to buy 4000 watch hours or not. This not-so-small number contributes greatly to the development path of all YouTubers, so whether the price is high or low, it is not as important as the long-term effect it can bring.