Top 5 Games that You Can Play both Online and Physically

Are you wondering whether your favorite or childhood games are playable online?

There comes a time when you can’t play your favorite games, either because you don’t have the equipment or they require you to play with others. In such situations, things can get boring. Luckily, technology has allowed us to play some of these games online.

But are they as good as the physical thing and is there any benefit to playing the games?

They reduce physical contact

The pandemic has created the need for everyone to stay apart for the time being. Even as things are slowly getting back to normal in some places it still helps to maintain some sort of distance with your friends.

Having a game that can be played both online and physically means

  • You can play without getting into physical contact and endangering yourself.
  • You can still play with your friends

The games operate under the same rules

Most online games that borrow from the physical world operate under the same rules. Whether it is Chess or Pool, the rules are the same. This is especially a good thing because it means you can practice any game without feeling the pressure and at your own time.

They don’t take up too much space

Unlike some physical games, online games don’t take up any physical space. For example, a game of pool would normally require a huge table, some cue sticks, and balls to play. The same game can be played on the phone with zero physical space taken.

They can be played anywhere

You can play an online game anywhere. Whether you are using the phone or your computer, you have the luxury of carrying the game with you. Physical games sometimes require heavy equipment, specialized gear and so much more.

They can be played by multiple players

Just like some physical games allow multiplayer collaborations, so do online games. They allow you and your friends to catch up over the internet as you play.

That said, we spoke to Jason from GameQuarium and he gave us 5 games you can play both online and physically

1.      Chess

Chess is an interesting game that can be played on a physical board and online. If you are a chess enthusiast, you probably know that you can play online chess on platforms such as

Both online and physical chess comes with some advantages and disadvantages. For example, online chess is a great option for beginners who want to practice. By playing against the computer, you will refine your skills and get better.

Experienced layers, especially those interested in competitive chess, might not like the online version because there are many cheaters online.

2.      Scrabble

If you’ve played the physical version of scrabble, then you will like the online version too. It operates using the same rules and is an excellent option for anyone looking to learn the rules of the game. The online version is available for android, iPhone, and online versions. You can also play it online against other contestants or a computer.

3.      Pool Table

Imagine playing pool from your bed without having needed a table? This is what the online version of the pool table allows you to do.

The only drawback for an online pool is that you won’t learn how to work the cue stick. You might also be a little rusty when you handle the real thing. Other than that, the same rules apply to those of the physical game and you can play with anyone you want.

4.      Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and dragons started as a pen and paper game and turned into one of the most amous role-playing games. Now, technology has allowed you to play your favorite  D&D game over the internet.

There are different ways to play the online version. You can use video conferencing applications such as Zoom to play with your friends. This is a physical version of the game but this time using online tools.

You can also play it online through apps and programs that allow, for example, your dungeon master to create battle maps for you to follow.

5.      Poker

Do you like playing poker but can’t for one reason or another? It is possible to play online poker and enjoy your favorite game. The online version allows you to play against other players and win money. The good thing about playing poker online is that there are different versions of poker.


A decade or two ago, the notion of online games was still foreign to the world. You only got to play with your friends when you met. Now, the barriers once caused by alackof means have been soved by technology. You can play most of your favorite games physically and still play them online with your friends.