Create Your Own App For Free, No Coding Needed

Building a full-fledged application with little to zero coding skills might sound like an unlikely dream scenario. With app builders, however, chances are high that your idea can be brought to life without programming expertise. This article explores the many perks of this tool along with possible pitfalls to avoid. Stick around to find out when and how to use application building resources to make an app from scratch.

The Cost of Making an App

Before we get into the details of how app builders can reduce the burden on developers, let’s identify what it takes to actually build your own software.

Unless you choose to entrust your idea to a free app builder, you’ll need to either form a team to distribute the responsibilities that come with the task or assume responsibility for the entire process. The former option requires much more investment. It tends to produce significantly better results, too. Apart from being financially challenging for those operating on a tight budget, teams can get very demanding in terms of orchestration.

The time it takes to build an app naturally depends on what it is expected to do. For most applications, the development phase will span from several weeks to about a year. Given how dynamic the market is, this might prove way too long, especially if you need more time for research and polishing your skills.

Using App Builders

Application building tools work a lot like building blocks in that they translate the features you want to see in your app to ready-made code operating under the hood. Today’s market offers a number of free tools for app building. They typically use customizable templates to implement the functions you need in your app.

Using an automated builder offers the following advantages:

  • Saving development time;
  • Eliminating mistakes that could arise due to a lack of expertise;
  • Cutting down on development costs, inclusion remunerations and managerial work
  • Good cross-platform compatibility;
  • Relative ease of maintenance compared to apps built from square one.

Cons and Pitfalls

An app builder can be the easiest and quickest way to make your dream come true, but it’s not free of limitations.

Inherent risks include lack of flexibility in case you need to explore beyond the generic app. This, however, can be overcome by using a highly flexible option.

Another concern is that you won’t be able to introduce major changes to the code once the project is ready. Whether this is something you’re likely to miss depends on the particulars of the situation.

Bottomline: Don’t Shy Away from Your Ideas

If we were to sum it up, it’s safe to say app builders are a great way to broaden your horizons. While they might lack flexibility and granular control, they can be hugely empowering to non-coders.

Are you thinking of finally bringing to life something you’ve been contemplating for ages? Go ahead and share your plans in the Comments section! It might be high time to give it a try.