Audiofly AF56m In-Ear Headphones Review

Final Thoughts
After listening to a second pair of Audiofly in-ear headphones I have to say that they really know what they are doing and the quality is there. While there is a definite difference between at the AF78’s and the AF56m’s the AF66m’s still sound great and have a much more clear and crisp sound than many of the in-ear headphones I have used in the past. One thing I really liked about these headphones was that the bass was not overdone. This is something we see too often with many name-brand headphones. These headphones are definitely made for listening to music, but will sound just as good when watching a movie or playing a game.

The headphones themselves are very comfortable and I had to problem using them for hours at a time. The AF56m’s are very lightweight so half of the time I did not really even notice them in my ears. The ear tips do offer some sound-dampening so if you want to sort of escape you can do that. As I said twice in this review I am not sure why our version of the headphones did not come with a set of foam ear tips.

These are the “m” version of the headphones so they come with the in-line microphone and controls. The microphone worked great and I use it quite often now to take calls. The in-line controls also work well for answering calls and controlling music. Audiofly makes their headphones to last and that is no exception with the AF56m’s. The audioflex cable is nice and braided and the connections on each end are protected. The 3.5mm connector is actually longer than most making it more compatible if you happen to have a case on your device.

As far as accessories go you do have a carrying tin and the three extra sets of ear tips. The carrying tin works well and has just enough room inside for the headphones.

Since these headphones have been out for a while their price has dropped down to $54.99 at our favorite online retailer. Expect to pay $10 more for the “m” version with the in-line microphone and controls. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Audiofly AF56m In-Ear Headphones a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10 small

– Great overall sound
– Not an overpowering bass
– Quality made
– Comfortable and lightweight

– No foam tips with our sample
– Not much of an accessory package

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