Mushkin Blackline DDR4-2800 8GB Memory Kit Review

For the longest time Mushkin was a company that was leading the game when it came to computer memory. When they released a new kit it was what everyone was talking about and most people I knew had Mushkin memory. I am not sure what happened but Mushkin was not talked about as much and many people I knew moved on to other brands for their computer memory. Well Mushkin wants you to think about them again when it comes to computer memory and today we have their latest DDR4 Blackline memory on the review block today! Today we are taking a look at the 997207T kit which is an 8GB (2x4GB) kit that runs at 2800 MHz with timings of 16-16-16-36 at 1.2V. Did I mention this kit has a pretty nifty heatspreader as well? Let’s take a look!

Special thanks to Mushkin for providing us with the Blackline DDR4-2800 8GB Memory Kit to review.

Voltage: 1.2V
Speed Spec: PC4-2800
Frequency: 2800 MHz
Kit Type: Dual Kit
Module Size: 8GB
Timings: 16-16-16-36
Cooling Technology: Ridgeback heatsink

The Blackline kit comes in Mushkin’s typical retail packaging for memory, which is a clamshell package. The front is clear so you can get a good look at the memory before you buy it.

Mushkin Blackline DDR4-2800 8GB Memory Kit

The back of the package goes over installation of the modules. Inside all you are going to find is the two modules, nothing else.

Mushkin Blackline DDR4-2800 8GB Memory Kit

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