Zalman ZM-K700M Gaming Keyboard Review

Zalman has been around for quite a long time and we know them best for their legendary CPU coolers and cases. Over the past few years Zalman has not really put out that many products. This sort of took them off the radar for many people. Well today we have a product that will definitely put them back on the map for you and it is not a CPU cooler or a case, it is actually a keyboard. The keyboard is the ZM-K700M and it is a full mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX mechanical switches, great build quality and some of the most impressive backlighting we’ve seen on a keyboard before. Let’s take a look at the ZM-K700M and see if Zalman has a winner on their hands.

Special thanks to Zalman for providing us with the ZM-K700M Gaming Keyboard to review.


The ZM-K700M comes in a retail box that actually is not much larger than the keyboard itself. On the front there is a photo of the keyboard in action.

Zalman ZM-K700M Gaming Keyboard

Flipping the box over there is a list of specifications and information on the keyboard in a bunch of different languages.

Zalman ZM-K700M Gaming Keyboard

Opening the box up inside you will find just the keyboard itself and a user’s manual.

Zalman ZM-K700M Gaming Keyboard

For a full unboxing and overview of the Zalman ZM-K700M be sure to check out our video below.

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