be quiet! Silent Base 600 Case Review

be quiet! is a company we primarily know for their cooling products and power supplies. Earlier this year they made they jump into cases with their flagship Silent Base 800, which we reviewed. Now they have released the Silent Base 600, which is a smaller case, but follows the same design principles as the 800. The case has a sleek design, room inside for six hard drives, long graphics cards, two included fans with a fan controller, and of course is made for silence. Will this be a case we can recommend for your next build? Read on as we find out!

Special thanks to be quiet! for providing us with the Silent Base 600 Case to review.


The Silent Base 600 comes in a pretty plain retail box. On the front there is a shot of the case.


On the back there is an exploded view of the case and a listing of some of the main features.


Opening the box up the case itself is protected by two large pieces of Styrofoam and a cloth bag.


Getting the case out we can also see that the window on the side panel is protected by plastic. The ensures that when you get the case the side panel windows does not have any scratches on it.


Included with the case you will find a user’s manual, rubber rails for hard drive installation, mounting hardware and a few zip ties.


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