Tt eSPORTS Cronos AD Gaming Headset Review

The original Tt eSPORTS Cronos gaming headset was released back in 2013, we were really impressed with it and since then Tt eSPORTS has released a few different versions of the headset. The latest version is the Cronos AD which seems like it is designed to be a more streamlined and lightweight headset specifically made for eSports athletes. It features a design much like the original Cronos but has a new open air and auto-adjusting headband that is made to fit your head perfectly. You have 40mm neodymium magnetic drivers as well as a retractable and bendable microphone. This headset is also made to work with multiple devices so you can use it with your PC, mobile device, tablet, etc. Let’s see what the Tt eSPORTS Cronos AD Gaming Headset is all about!

Special thanks to Tt eSPORTS for providing us with the Cronos AD Gaming Headset to review.


The Cronos AD comes in a very nice retail package from Tt eSPORTS. Part of it is open so you can take a look at the headset and the other side has a photo of the headset as well as a listing of some of the main features.

Tt eSPORTS Cronos AD Gaming Headset

Flipping the package over to the back we have a full shot of the headset where many of its features are highlighted and detail.

Tt eSPORTS Cronos AD Gaming Headset

Getting everything out of the box we have the Cronos AD headset, PC audio cable (USB, 3.5mm audio, 3.5mm microphone), mobile audio cable (3.5mm audio) and the warranty policy.

Tt eSPORTS Cronos AD Gaming Headset

For a full unboxing and overview of the Tt eSPORTS Cronos AD be sure to check out our video below.

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