Tt eSPORTS Cronos AD Gaming Headset Review

Usage & Testing
Getting the Cronos AD setup is pretty straightforward, simply plug it into the audio ports on your PC or other device, then connect them to the headset. For PC use I would have really liked to have seen a single USB connection, it just would have made things easier and typically USB sounds better than most on-board audio solutions. With everything connected you are ready to game and listen to music. If you do have the USB connection plugged in you will notice the Tt eSPORTS logos on the headset light up.

Tt eSPORTS Cronos AD Gaming Headset

The first thing I noticed when using the headset was how light it was on my head. When PC gaming I am used to the larger clunky headset so having something this lightweight is new to me. There is no adjustment on the headset thanks to the auto-adjusting headband. I’m not sure if I just have a small head or what, but the headset was pretty loose on my head. If I tilted my head back the headset would actually fall off. I honestly thought this was going to be a big deal, but after using the Cronos AD for the past few weeks this is actually a great thing. Since the headset is looser you do not get the typical irritation after an hour or so of use you get with a lot of gaming headsets. This of course is ideal for eSports players and people who will be gaming for extended hours. Overall the comfort level of the headset is very good.

I have been playing a lot of Star Wars Battlefront, Payday 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive over the past few weeks. Now audio quality is obviously going to depend on what sound card you are using, but during games the audio from the Cronos kept me in the action and this headset does seem to have more bass than others, which brings more life to your gaming experience.

The retractable microphone works well for in-game communications and taking Skype calls. People on the other end of our calls did say there was a bit of background noise though, this is very common on gaming headsets in this range.

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