Audiofly AF56m In-Ear Headphones Review

Usage & Testing
The AF56m’s have replaced the AF78’s that I have been using for the past month or so. These are the earphones I use with my mobile device, tablet, and laptop.

The first thing that I noticed immediately when I first tried to put the earphones in my ears was that they did not fit all that well. The eartips were a bit too large so I had to switch them out for a smaller set (which was included). These earphones are much more lightweight than the AF78’s so at times you really do not notice them in your ears that much. They do have a nice fit so if you are being active they are going to stay in place quite well. Now that they fit in my ears it was time to start listening to music!

I like all types of music and listened to a variety of different music while testing the AF56m’s. Just like with the AF78’s the bass was not overpowering. This is something we see too often with many name-brand headphones. The bass is very well tuned and matches the music that you are listening to. The highs are very crisp and clear with more subtle mids. As I said with the AF78’s, these headphones sound the best when listening to music, but they also sound great when watching movies or playing games.

Audiofly AF56m In-Ear Headphones Overview

The microphone worked quite well as I used it to make a handful of calls. Everyone said I sounded great and could understand me. The in-line controls worked fine too for answering calls.

As I said earlier in this review the retail box says that the headphones come with one set of foam ear tips and three sets of silicon ear tips, but ours came with 4 sets of silicon ear tips. The foam ear tips were one of my favorite things about the AF78’s, so it was sort of a bummer they were not included here. The silicon ear tips were very comfortable though, again you barely notice them in your ears. They offer good noise isolation, but do not compare to the foam tips on the AF78’s.

The headphones do come with the same tin that the AF78’s came with. This time however actually worked well as the top of it stayed on. The tin is just large enough to fit the headphones, which isn’t bad with the AF56m’s as they do not come with any accessories.

Audiofly AF56m In-Ear Headphones Overview

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