AviiQ Portable Charging Station Review

Final Thoughts
The Aviiq Power Charging Station is a good concept and carries its load well. It accomplishes the task of charging devices, as expected. It’s probably worth it to acquire some spare cables and keep them spooled within the folio.

The price when we received the PCS was approximately $80. It’s dropped in the market to approximately $60 in the past month. I feel that it wasn’t worth it at $80, but $60 is getting closer to a good price point. There may be similar units available for cheaper that are less flashy and not conveniently packaged.

I think that when I take this on trips, it will likely live in my suitcase while traveling. It’ll be a nice base station for powering up, saving me from having to find power outlets for all my devices or occupying precious USB ports on my laptop. It’s not really something to keep in a backpack, unless it’s a large backpack. Instead, keep one cord and a wall plug in your bag for mobility’s sake and bring out the PCS when you get where you’re going or where you’re going to be for a while. Overall ThinkComputers gives the AviiQ Portable Charging Station an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10 small

– Charges devices just fine
– Convenient carrying case keeps things together

– Expensive for what it is, seems like case is what makes it more expensive
– Case is large, but fits things snugly. This is a suitcase item.

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