Axus FiT RAID 500 Storage Device Review

Installation & Setup
Special thanks go out to Michael and Stephen of who provided me with x3 SATA hard drives so that I could run tests against the Axus FiT500 and see how it functions. I will be using 3 Seagate Barracuda 7200 250GB drives (ST3250823AS).

Installation of the physical drives is fairly simple, but you do need a screwdriver. Flip the trays upside down and place over top of each drive you want to use. Make sure you orientate the drives so that the SATA connector is facing the back of the tray. The screw holes of the tray will align with those of the hard drive and you just simple use 4 screws to secure.

Axus FiT RAID 500 Storage Device Axus FiT RAID 500 Storage Device

Slide the drives into their position. If you don’t have 5 drives you can just slide the empty trays into their places to complete the look.

Axus FiT RAID 500 Storage Device Axus FiT RAID 500 Storage Device

At this point you can decide how you want to handle your RAID setup. I’m new to using RAID so I left the selector switch (at the back) to the GUI (graphical user interface) mode. This allows me to use the included software to manage the RAID array. You can choose which mode you want by turning the little selector switch. Just make sure you don’t turn the switch after you have initially set your RAID up as it will wipe out the information on the disks.

You can also attach the included fan at this point. The fan module clips in without any troubles.

Axus FiT RAID 500 Storage Device

Plug in the power cord and your chose of connection interface; USB 2.0 or eSATA. Turn on the FiT500 and watch it do its thing!