AZIO ATOM Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Review


In our time with the AZIO ATOM, we found ourselves playing a lot of the popular Battle Royale-style games Fortnite and PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. Our standard DPI setting is 2000, so we were forced to use either 1600 or 2400 DPI, as the ATOM is limited to seven settings, which are not adjustable. While this took us a bit to get used to, after a brief adjustment period we were quite happy with the accuracy that the PMW3360 sensor provided. While most gaming mice provide access to DPI adjustments via a button that is easily accessible from the top of the mouse, the ATOM requires you to place it belly up to make this type of adjustment. For our needs this isn’t a huge issue, as we don’t find ourselves adjusting our DPI on the fly, but for those gamers that do make regular adjustments, the ATOM might not be the best choice.

We do however like the use of switches and a button to adjust polling rate, side button control, as well as lighting customization, in the absence of a dedicated software application. Without the option of software for precise control over all of the ATOM’s functions, it might seem a bit daunting to make these customization options available to gamers with just switches and buttons. Thankfully AZIO really put some thought into the adjustment of these features, and even though they are a bit limited when compared to other gaming mice in this category, they function quite nicely.


While a bit limited when compared to other gaming mice, the AZIO ATOM still provides a decent amount of lighting customization, especially when you consider the fact that all of the adjustments are done without the use of software, but with buttons on the mouse. We found the seven colors available in the Static and Breathing modes to be a decent selection, while the RGB cycling and marquee modes showed off a bit more color variety. A few of the colors really blended together in our observation, especially the cyan, blue, and green. We were also left disappointed by the RGB cycling and RGB Marquee modes, as the color shifts seen were not nearly as impressive as those on other RGB mice we have tested.

Check out a few shots of the ATOM all lit up below.

AZIO ATOM Mouse11 Large AZIO ATOM Mouse13 Large

AZIO ATOM Mouse14 Large AZIO ATOM Mouse12 Large