Battle of the Little Controllers

If you are involved in the world of programming, you may be familiar with the two words Arduino and Raspberry Pi. If you are in the world of the internet of things, you are likely intimately familiar with these pieces of equipment.  What they do, and can do are similar but different. Let’s talk first about the internet of things and how they relate. Any device that is internet connected and performs commands can be considered an internet of things device. Typically, there are sensors, algorithms and code that performs any number of functions, based on a set of conditions or scenarios. For example, a sensor notices that the temperature is too low, so it sends a command to your heating systems.

A more integrated system might sense that because no one is in the room, it will override the command and keep the heat low regardless of the initial sensor reading. This is where Arduino and Raspberry Pi come into it. Without them, commands and functions cannot be run. One of them is built for simple commands. (Arduino) The other is built for more complex commands and even has advanced capabilities like Wi-Fi and USB built in. Here are some thorough ways to compare arduino and raspberry pi.

If you are integrating the internet of things into your home or business, you will be using one or the other. It is important to decide whether to use a microcontroller or mini computer for your iot devices. The key to any good program or software is the code it is built on. The Arduino is setup to handle easy commands that require little computing power. They do not have the ram or processor capabilities of the Raspberry PI. This is where the coding comes in. You cannot always run the same operations on the two devices. However, the two of them can and do work together. It is fairly easy to take the information pulled from the Arduino, and use the Raspberry Pi to then perform more complicated commands and actions.

There are thousands of different ways to use an Arduino or Raspberry Pi. The best way to realize the benefit of this technology is to seek out professionals. The internet is also full of ideas on how to automate your home or office. If you want it done right, call in the experts. Even if you are a smaller operation, a group like Digiteum can help with any project large or small. Once you have analyzed your surroundings, ways to improve will open.

I Thought Pi Was a Dessert?

For the casual observer, it might seem like an easy choice. That choice is usually let someone else decide. They offer their own unique advantages. Both are amazing pieces of small technology that are quite powerful. They are used in products without you even realizing it. If you are looking to use  customized internet of things devices in your life, your controller is most important.

Don’t forget to reach out to the pros when it comes time to complete your project. The more ways you can streamline and automate your home or business, the better life will become. This can all be done with the help of  Arduino and a slice of Raspberry Pi.

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