Battlefield V To Be Revealed On May 23rd

A page on EA’s website has appeared with new details on the upcoming Battlefield V game. This teaser comes in the form of a page with a simple blue background with the date May 23, 2018 written in the middle as well as a Battlefield hashtag.


The URL of this page is, which makes you wonder what the “Never be the same” is all about. DICE design director Alan Kertz tweeted on his Twitter account that a game he’s been working on will be revealed on the 23rd of this month. So it is without a doubt Battlefield V.

The only things we really know about Battlefield V so far is that it will take place during the second Wold War, as a sequel to Battlefield 1. Also we know that it will have a single-player campaign and various multiplayer modes. One rumor is that it might include a battle royale mode.

Stay tuned on May 23rd as we will have all the details for you!

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