be quiet! Light Wings ARGB Fans Review

Final Thoughts

So we have the first RGB fans from be quiet!. Looking at the fans and comparing them to other RGB fan offerings they aren’t anything to really write home about. There are fans with more RGB LED’s that arguably look better if that is your thing, but I think be quiet! has a great balance here with the Light Wings fans. be quiet! fans are very sought after, that is why many people use them in their systems and buy their cases. So with Light Wings we do get that RGB bling, but also a fan that is very quiet and offers good performance. Too many of the RGB fans that are out there focus solely on looks, yet are loud and and do not offer that great of performance.

These fans are very quiet! They operate via PWM so their speed depends on the temperature inside your case, but even at higher speeds they are not that loud at all.

Each Light Wings fan features 20 ARGB LEDs in a circle around the fan frame covered by a white diffuser. This design is nothing new, but provides the perfect aesthetic for many builds and these will look especially good on the front of your case. Being ARGB you can easily connect these fans to an ARGB header on your motherboard. Each fan features an ARGB connector as well as a pass-through so you can daisy-chain the fans together. Since we received a 3-pack, it comes with an ARGB hub that supports up to six ARGB devices, so we connect our fans to that, then a single cable into our motherboard’s ARGB header.

In order for these fans to work correctly you will need some type of ARGB controller, the included hub is just a hub, not a controller. Almost every enthusiast motherboard for the past few years has an ARGB header on it so you should be good to go. This means that you will be reliant on your motherboard’s RGB software for RGB control, effects, etc. We have see other RGB fans that come with a controller as well as their own software so you are not reliant on your motherboard.

One thing that was nice to see is that be quiet! is not using any type of proprietary connections on their fans or ARGB hub, they are the standard 3-pin connectors. This means that you could basically connect any standard ARGB device to the hub if you wanted to.

We are giving away a triple 140mm PWM pack of the Light Wings Fans! Check out the contest page here!

The 140 mm triple pack of Light Wings fans is selling at our favorite online retailer for $84.90, while single 140mm fans will sell for $29.90. There is no difference in pricing between the PWM and High-Speed versions of the fans. Overall ThinkComputers gives the be quiet! Light Wings ARGB Fans a 9 out of 10 score.

– Good balance of RGB and performance / quiet operation
– PWM version for cases, high-speed version for coolers & radiators
– No proprietary connections
– RGB can be daisy-chained
– ARGB hub included with 3-packs

– No controller
– Reliant on your motherboard’s RGB software

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