be quiet! Power Zone 850W Power Supply Review

Final Thoughts
Normally when we see a mid range power supply from a company the company usually cuts corners and comes out with a unit that most people really do not want in their system, but have to buy because they do not have the case for the more expensive unit. This is not the case with the Power Zone 850W at all.

First talking about looks, the Power Zone is one of the better looking power supplies that we have reviewed in a while. The extra little features like the be quiet! logo, stylish features on the end and even the horizontal fan grill make this power supply stand out. While this may not matter to some people when you take this power supply out of the packaging you will be pretty impressed. On top of that if you have a case window that shows your power supply this will be one that you are going to want to show off.

Overall the performance of this power supply was very good. All of the rails rails stayed within 5% voltage regulation, which we do like to see. The voltage regulation on each of the rails is as follows: 3.3V: 2.38%, 5V: 1.60%, 12V: 0.82%. As you can see the most important rail, the 12V rail had the best performance. I would have liked to see a little better performance in the 3.3V rail, if you looked at the graph on the previous page there was a lot of ripple. This unit also offers 80PLUS Bronze efficiency which means the unit will be 85% efficient at 50% load and 82% efficient at 100% load.

If you are looking for a great looking power supply that also offers good performance this unit is a great choice. Unfortunately we were not able to find this power supply for sale in the US. Overall ThinkComputers gives the be quiet! Power Zone 850W Power Supply an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10 small

– Good performance
– Sleek design
– Silent operation
– Single 12V rail

– 3.3V rail performance could be better
– Unable to find for sale in the US

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