Practical Meter with Fast Charge Cable Review

Being someone who is constantly using different gadgets USB ports are very important to me. They are what charge most of my gadgets and of course I use them for USB flash drives and hard drives too. One thing that always annoys me about changing devices is that some USB ports will charge devices faster than others. What if you could tell which USB port was providing the most power? That way you could plug in your critical devices like your smartphone into this port and other non-important devices into the low power ports. Well that is where the Practical Meter comes it. It works as a pass-through that you plug into your USB port and it will tell you how much power it is delivering. The device also ships with a nifty fast charging cable. Read on as we check it out.

Special thanks to Power Practical for providing us with the Practical Meter with Fast Charge Cable to review.

– Charge faster with this nifty USB power meter
– Compatible with any USB port
– Solve slow charge times with power from solar panels, 3rd-party chargers, and even PCs
– 5 LEDs meter power from 1 to 10 watts, covering the entire range of smartphone and tablet charging
– White Meters ship WITHOUT retail packaging, Black Meters ship WITH retail packaging

The Practical Meter comes in a nice retail box that is open on the front and shows you what all you will be getting. Both the front and back of the package are very informative. If you didn’t know the Practical Meter was actually a started on Kickstarter and was fully funded back in July of 2013.

Practical Meter

Getting everything out of the packaging you have the Practical Meter, 3-in-1 fast charging cable and a user’s guide.

Practical Meter

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