be quiet! Pure Base 500DX Case Review

Final Thoughts

When it comes to cases there are a lot of things we want and I think the Pure Base 500DX has a lot to offer if you are a first time builder or you’ve been building PCs for years. I think the biggest advantage the Pure Base 500DX has over many cases is that it does indeed have a high airflow design. With a mesh front it allows for much more air to get into your system than a case with a plain or tempered glass panel. On top of that you do have three included fans (1 front, 1 top, 1 rear) so off the bat you have some pretty good cooling. Obviously you have room to expand on that cooling as well.

Inside the Pure Base 500DX you have enough room for motherboards up to ATX, graphics cards as long as 369 mm, CPU coolers as tall as 190 mm, and up to 6 hard drives. Installing our hardware was a breeze and with all of the cable routing holes and tie-downs you should end up with a very clean build. The motherboard compartment is slightly tighter than others, but unless you have a massive CPU cooler you really shouldn’t have any issues.

One of the best things about this case is the lighting element, which not only is on the outside of the case, but on the inside as well. This gives the 500DX a little bit of flair and illuminates the inside of the case so you don’t have to buy an extra RGB strip. With the button on the top of the case you can switch colors and effects. If you are looking for more control there is an RGB header you can connect to your motherboard for software control.

At a price of $94.91 for the white version of the case at Amazon you really can’t go wrong. Out of the box you have everything you need and if you wanted to you can easily add more fans if you wanted even better cooling. If there is anything missing from this case it would be the lack of a vertical GPU mount. I think a vertical GPU would look excellent in this case. Overall ThinkComputers gives the be quiet! Pure Base 500DX Case a 9 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

rating9 10 TC award recommended

– Good looking case overall
– Front mesh for high airflow
– 3 included fans
– Lighting element on front and inside the case
– Velcro straps included for easy cable routing
– Room for up to six hard drives

– No vertical GPU slot

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