be quiet! Silent Base 800 Case Review

Packaging of the be quiet! Silent Base 800 Computer Case (ORANGE)
Rating of how well the packaging of the typical case is wrapped and guarded in, comes in is quite handy to know by the average shopper. The question of can it get the case inside to its destination on one piece excluding the Gorilla Courier that just broke up with his girl friend and is on his 12th cup of non decaf latte. Not much can be done for this eventuality, but the “be quiet!” case is very well isolated from the bumps, stacking and occasional throwing that may occur during shipping.

The box is high strength and has a weather resistant corrugated surface and material. The Black color and nice photograph of the case waiting inside the interior of this box is well made and done in the wrap around style of outer boxing. The White lettering is easy to read and the color or model of the case that you have bought is clearly shown on the front of the box as well as the general features of the case is written in three different languages on the bottom portion of the box front.

box front

On the left hand side is the general information about be quiet! and the case inside and is written in an addition of 3 more languages. The hand holds are on both sides and are very stable and strong.

The other side has the full Specifications, along with pictures of the other options or color combination of this case and other important numbers like SKU number, serial number, and a lot number at the top that voids the warranty if it is not sent back in this particular box with this lot number complete affixed. The warranty is 3 years so keeping the box for that long may require some storage placement at your home but the box folds flat nicely and the bag can hold the rest of the packing material so it shouldn’t take up too much space.

box Sides

The back of the box has full features in and semi-exploded full color view. This makes it easy to see instantly how this case looks and acts as a simple machine but really the only way one knows what is really on the inside is the person that opens it up and inspects the be quiet! Silent Base 800 case.

box back

The way the case is wrapped inside the case tells a lot about the packaging and the quality of the product inside too. If you look to the center of the picture below, there is an inserted piece of high quality Polyurethane layered shock resistant mounting. This placement and more expensive material is made specifically for shock absorption on the bottom of the box to protect the case as it is being transported, loaded and unloaded and is a great addition to the usual two sided packing system. This extra layer of very important protection is something that really got my attention and must be shown in this review.

The more important the product the better the packaging and so this is the first indication that I have a nice case to review because this company wants you to get this case in perfect condition no matter how bad your delivery service might be.

Box bottom opened

The case is shipped on its back with top and bottom of the case covered with high impact, highest quality Styrofoam mold. The top is the most vulnerable part but with the case doors being so sensitive its best to leave them with some clean and clear a distance to help keep everything in working order.

Styro packed

This bag is the covers the case and keeps it protected from the humidity and the dust as well as other elements. It is made of a cloth like design that is rip and tear resistant and does not scratch the surface.

case covered bag

Finally here is the case in the position that it is packaged. This is actually the best way for this case to be transported because the most vulnerable side of the case is at the top with about 3 inches of space between the box and the case for damage that could occur during shipping.

case on its side

The skis or helicopter like skids are individually wrapped in their own plastic bag and taped into an insert inside one of the sides of the Styrofoam side panels.

Skids inside padding

On the front of the case there is a piece of masking type packing tape that keeps the doors closed during shipping. It looks simple and cheap but it’s a very smart thing that most quality case manufacturers do for all their cases where doors are present on the front or top of the case.

taped shut

Inside the case we find that the Accessories box is placed and held down firmly during shipping. This little box can do some real damage if it is not locked down tightly and left to fly around the inside of the case during shipment. I was very impressed with this one as it was double tied with plastic wrapped steel wire ties that insure that it will be the last thing to let go of the case even if it fell from 35,000 feet out of the cargo hold of a C-130. Two ties for all you competitors out there reading this hint… hint… This is the way to do it right.

accessories box

Inside the small corrugated box are these contents seen below. These parts are categorized into baggies to keep everything separated for easy installation of your computer components.

packaged parts

Here is a breakdown of the individual accessories or parts that come with the” be quiet!” Silent Base 800 Computer Case.


Overall the Packaging of the “be quiet!” Silent Base 800 computer case goes in my “BEST” rating. As the industry standards have been equal to or greater than what we have come to expect from case manufacturers. While our case was not double boxed as some of our cases have come in it is really well boxed, packaged and sealed and the” be quiet!” Company should be commended for this.

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