be quiet! Silent Base 800 Case Review

Final thoughts of the be quiet! Silent Base 800 (Orange) Computer Case
As you can see by my build I am a “be quiet!” fan. The power supply was one that we tested and kept because it was a Seasonic build and the CPU Cooler I bought from another reviewer because of the 8mm heat pipes and the quiet fan. I have never used this cooler until now and I am really glad I did since all the rage of All in One water coolers are taking over the market including with me.

The case as tested ran at a very low 28 C and bumped up to a high of 49 C while I was running Fur mark burn in and also used 3D Mark 11 to over work the CPU and get things toasty inside. In both instances the case stayed reasonably quiet and reasonably cool. I have not used an air cooler in quite a while these days but I could not hear the CPU cooler at all. I heard some high pitching from inner video card fan and slightly heard the mechanical hard drive spinning if I closed my eye and put my ear about 2 feet away. It is a quiet case but I would not go as far as saying it’s silent.

I could hear the Optical drive when it kicked in on POST and I could hear the video card slightly from about 18 inches away. When the fans are running full throttle you can hear them running but not annoying, but I hooked them to the motherboard fan headers and they stayed running at 600 to 850 RPMs most of the time. To say this is a Silent case is maybe a misnomer. It is a really nice quiet case that if the right build is installed inside it could be a very silent runner under regular loads and even gaming condition if your ambient temperatures do not cause the case to have to run the fans at full speed.

The back behind the motherboard tray is tight. I had to almost use three hands to attach the back panel to the case after I finished the build but this is usual since most cases like this have insulated panels that take some of the little space that is behind the motherboard tray but it was not as bad as the first Storm Scout build I ever tried to close. Not even close to that amount of hard times.

In Summary, there are some things that could be upgraded from this case but as is, I like it. My son likes the looks of it and he asked me to tell him what I thought about it in the end. I think I will let him have this one. It’s good enough for my 26 year old son to put his gaming build in then its good enough for me to recommend as a good case with some real quiet class.

Overall I have to give the “be quiet!” Silent Base 800 Computer Case a very stable 8 out of 10 on our ThinkComputers scale. While there are times when this case is slightly disappointing the positives definitely outweigh the negatives by a long shot.

rating8 10 small

– High quality materials
– Quiet operation
– Modern and Elegant styling
– Easy to install your build
– Extraordinary quality grommets and rubber parts.
– Plastic Molded in color with black interior.

– May need to use a Y-connector for fan connection to motherboard.
– Front skeleton obstructs the front 140 fans and could be a source of wind noise
– Fingerprints easy
– Not silent, but quiet

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