Beginner’s Guide to Casino Gaming

Imagine a world where you spend most of your time inside casinos. And no; you don’t work there. You’re a gambler who takes on the best casino players with the hope of defeating them. From men like Phil Ivey and Erik Seidel, that’s the life.

Phil is worth over $15 million while Erik is worth more than $40 million. While not many people are as talented as the two poker professionals, anyone can become a casino player. With many gambling sites only asking for minimum deposits worth $10, money is not the problem.

The biggest hurdle to becoming a professional gambler is learning how to manage losses. Again, you must find ways to maximize your profits; otherwise, you might not be a profitable player. That said, below are tips to help you play casino games profitably.

#1:  Pick Great Casinos

Many professional gamblers play in multiple casinos. They visit certain gambling establishment due to their exceptional customer services. On the other hand, they play online for its convenience.

You could decide to play online exclusively. Still, search the Internet for several gambling sites that rank highly for different reasons. For instance, you could have a casino where you get fantastic bonuses and another platform you love because it pays out instantly.

But while you search casinos, examine them meticulously. Confirm they’re licensed and audited by trusted auditors like eCOGRA and iTechLabs. Read online reviews to learn what experts and fellow gamblers think about these casinos and pick the best-rated platforms.

#2: Choose your Games Judiciously

Erik Seidel and Phil Ivey play poker because that’s what they excel at. Stanford Wong and Don Johnston, on the other hand, became famous playing blackjack. Still, millions of players are comfortable gambling on online slots. But before you make your choice, ensure it’s a game you understand well.

Slot machines are easy to understand. They require no skills and offer plenty of thrills. But on the flipside, you win through luck. That means you could spend €100 and win nothing. But on your lucky day, a $1 spin could become a million dollars won.

So, how do you decide which games to play? Test a variety of games. Visit slot section and spin a variety of the machines. Spin roulette wheels and assess your poker or blackjack skills in the table areas. If you gain interest in a game, add it to your list of titles you could play.

As you gain experience playing different casino games, you’ll become more interested in specific games than others. And those are the titles you want to play professionally.

#3: Learn Tricks and Strategies

In gambling, luck plays a vital role on whether you win or lose. Skill may be important in games like poker, but tricks and strategies are more crucial for gamblers. Whether you love slots or cherish Baccarat like James Bond, you need good strategies to give you an edge.

With slots, for example, a useful trick is to play games with high payout rates. That’s because they form winning symbols more frequently than low paying machines. You should also select slots with multiple bonus features and multipliers that ensure you cash out a lot more than you staked.

Many table games also have strategies. In blackjack, standing on soft 17 is recommended. With poker, bluffing is an essential trick while knowing when to fold is a strategy.

Some players also find ways to cheat the house like counting cards in blackjack. But these days, it’s nearly impossible to cheat in casinos. They have state of the art security whether you play online or in brick and mortar establishments.

#4: Budget and stake consistently

They saying that the house always wins should tell you something about gambling. Players lose as frequently as they win. So, if you want to win more than you lose, figure out how to manage your bankroll.

Set a weekly or monthly budget and decide how much to stake in each game. You could use your playing strategy guide to help you plan how much you’ll stake daily. Maybe you might decide to double your bet when you lose in roulette. Someone else could do the exact opposite.

As such, you budget and how you stake can be unique to you. But you need to be judicious in your budgetary decisions. Otherwise, you risk burning your stake faster than you should. And when this happens, it always means losses in your records.

#5: Adopt a Professional Mindset

When you gamble to earn profits, you should not play like most casual games. What this means is that you should view gambling as a job. And with every job, you must commit your time and efforts to improve your skills.

You should also avoid emotions or getting attached to wins or losses for too long. Again, you must evaluate games constantly so that you decide whether to switch to new games or change your strategies.

When it comes to records, keep your records and use them to help improve your gaming career. Examine what worked in the past for you and incorporate it in your current gaming strategy. Eliminate what doesn’t work and find new tricks to help maximize your profits.

#6: Maximize Profits from Bonuses

Most casinos award bonuses to new and loyal players. Examine the offers and use up the best bonuses to help you maximize your profits. The best free spins and playing credits are those that don’t feature playthrough terms. And if they do, they’re manageable.

Also, don’t ignore in-game bonuses. Most slots machines, for instance, gift you free spins when you match specific symbols. Table games also feature bonus rounds. Find games with the best bonuses and claim these gifts to improve your bottom line.

To Conclude

You can become a professional gambler. But it takes more than knowing how to play poker or blackjack. You must player in the best casinos if you want to find great games. You must also select the games you play wisely so that you maximize your skills. What’s more, you should learn playing tricks for each game, budget and adopt a professional mentality to maximize your wins.

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