Beginner’s Guide to Gaming Resource;—an Interview with Executive Erik King

If you are like many gamers, you are always looking for new games. Maybe you want to get into mobile gaming or learn how to play poker. Whatever it is, you most probably check for reviews and guides online before you can find the perfect game for you.

Gambla, a new gaming resource, is trying to improve how players find betting websites and stream casino games. We reached out to the company’s chief editor Erik King for comments, and he had the following to say.

The Gaming Industry is Evolving

King says gamers change their tastes and preferences fast, and developers are finding it challenging to keep up with the trends. With the increased focus on mobile gaming and technologies like VR and AR, the editor believes software providers either have to adapt or face getting outdone by competitors.

He is not wrong, at least judging by the rate at which gamers change loyalty in search for better gaming experiences. Gamers can be loyal as seen by the rivalry between Steam and Epic fans, but that is only because the two platforms offer services different players love.

In the casino industry, loyalty is much less pronounced and players move from one platform to the other frequently. According to King, gamblers show loyalty only to platforms that reward them or those that offer exemplary services.

The Future of Gaming is Online

Gone are the days when developers used to ship games by mail. Gamers would then play and store them on shelves, hoping to give them out or resell them at a future date. These days, gamers have their eyes on a much convenient way to play: on the Internet.

“All modern gamers, be it mobile gamers or casino players, prefer to play through the Internet,” King reveals. “It is cheaper; it is convenient and delivers the same thrills players get by playing offline.”

Convenience is a particularly essential trait for casino players and sports bettors. Before the online gambling industry got legalized, bettors had to drive or fly to a city that had lenient gambling laws. These days, however, multiple countries let their citizens participate in casino gaming online.

If you play video games more regularly than casino games like poker, you probably also cherish online gaming. You don’t have to download large files on your PC. You can access your gaming account even when you are away from home and can interact with fellow gamers.

There are more reasons why King and like-minded individuals believe online gaming is the future. Google, for instance, believes “the future of gaming is not a box but a place.” It is presently polishing up its Google Stadia platform that will help gamers stream all their favorite games without caring about their PCs’ specs.

Online Multiplayer Gaming is changing the Industry

Online multiplayer gaming is a huge industry that is only bound to become bigger, King says. What’s more, it is not limited to one gaming platform. From the PS4 to Xbox One, PC to mobile gaming, players are thrilled to play online against fellow gamers.

Some developers are convinced multiplayer gaming will be the only way people stream video games in the future. Call of Duty Black Ops 4, for example, took the risk against all odds to come out with no single player version. Surprisingly, the game was well-received.

King, however, disagrees with experts that believe single player mode games have no future. As an expert in the gambling industry, King notes games like slots are consistently the most played games every year despite supporting limited multiplayer functions.

King says although casino players love live dealer gamers, they still flock Kiwislots, Toroslots and Beaverslots to find slots-related bonuses. For the uninitiated, live dealers are the gambling equivalent of multiplayer games. offers a comprehensive guide to the games. Erik King also runs another Canadian online casino guide. So, if you live in Canada and want to find great bonus deals from online casinos, visit the platform.

Streaming Casino Games on Steam is taking shape

Streaming casino games on Twitch is one of the trendiest things on the two platforms, according to King. And true, many streamers are exploring new games to expand their audiences. Chance Morris, AKA Sodapoppin, is arguably the most famous gamer that loves to stream casino action.

In 2015, the Canadian made news worldwide when he lost a blackjack hand worth $5,000 while streaming in front of 40,000 viewers. The loss was, obviously, gut-wrenching for him but it earned him thousands of more fans.

These days, Twitch casino streamers range from people teaching others how to play card games to professional gamblers. The number of casino streamers is still low compared to video game streamers. But it keeps increasing, showing the online casino industry can be as competitive as any other.

Gamers have more variety than ever before

Compared to ten years ago, gamers are overwhelmed with variety for all things related to the industry. Whether it is the games to play or gaming devices, casino websites or bonuses, King thinks today’s games are exceedingly lucky.

However, the Gambla editor believes the many choices players have also come with risks. Rogue casinos, he says, are a nightmare to gamblers. They offer appealing bonuses but create all sorts of excuses not to payout winners.

King cites the many challenges players face while choosing good gaming platforms as a reason for starting his new platform. After managing Toroslots and Zamsino to help NewZealand players, he now runs a Canadian bonus guide called Gambla. also provides gaming guides to UK-based players. It regularly ranks great bonuses for players, the best betting sites and top banking options for gamblers.

“Essentially, Gambla is a one-stop resource website for casino players from Canada or the UK. It provides relevant news weekly, continuously tests and reviews casinos while also recommending great bonuses to players,” King says.

To Conclude

Like many gaming enthusiasts, Erik King believes online gaming will be the future of gaming. He believes multiplayer and mobile gaming will play center stage in its success. And based on his experience in the casino industry, gamers will continue to be choosy in search for the best games and services.

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