Benefits of Building Your Own Gaming Rig

While PCs, consoles, and mobile phones are all decent gaming devices, depending on the game being played and the player’s fulfillment, PCs are generally more superior from the performance and graphics points of view. That said, many gamers would rather purchase an Xbox or a PlayStation console than entertain the idea of obtaining a PC because someone made them believe PCs cost an arm and a leg.

But have you ever thought of building your gaming rig from scratch? Here are the benefits of doing that, both from cost and performance standpoints:

1.    Building your gaming PC is cheaper than buying

So let’s start with the reason you don’t have a PC: the cost. Building your own rig is significantly cheaper than buying one. Building a PC with the same gaming facilities as the very best consoles on the market will set you back $300-$400. The more superior ones will cost you a little under $1,000. Generally, with PC building, you get the freedom to choose performance levels depending on your budget. A prebuilt PC with the same hardware will most likely cost you more.

2.    It lets you dictate the quality.

Even the very best prebuilt PCs can come with inferior components like low-end cooling systems or low-quality drives. Building your PC gives you a way around this. You get to choose every component that goes into your PC, from the casing to the fans through to the motherboard and other more technical components.

3.    You choose the size of your PC

The size of a gaming PC cannot be overlooked. If you have plans to upgrade your unit in the future, you need a big micro ATX case that can accommodate all those planned installations. Take your time to explore a list of the best micro ATX cases and choose based on the components you want to put in it and, of course, your budget.

4.    You can use existing parts.

If you have another PC at home, purchasing a pre built one is not wise. Some of the components in that PC you don’t need anymore are still healthy and can be used in the new gaming rig. The storage, power supply, casing, and memory are all transferable. Installing them in your new PC will lower the cost of building it even further.

5.    Better warranties

A prebuilt PC will come with a warranty that covers the entire unit. Individual components often have longer warranties, typically between two and seven years. Others, such as the RAM, come with a lifetime warranty.

Since you obtained each of the components separately, if your PC gives up the ghost and you can locate the problem, you won’t need to send back the whole unit – just the broken component.


Building your own gaming PC is certainly more rewarding than obtaining a prebuilt one if you are a techie. You not only save a fortune and enjoy plenty of assemblage freedom, but the feeling of setting up your own gaming station is nothing short of fulfilling.