Benq Screenbar e-Reading Lamp Review

Final Thoughts
The Benq Screenbar is a very interesting product that definitely solves a problem that many of us have. Benq has really designed this product to be universal, meaning that it will work with different displays. We had no problem installing it on our Viotek GN27D 27-inch Curved display, and I was surprised there were not any issues since the display was curved. The counter-weight attachment is heavy and will hold the Screenbar in place no problem. Another thing that I really like is that the screenbar is powered by USB. With many displays having USB ports on them that just makes less cable mess for you.

Besides being universal the Screenbar does put off quite a bit of light. The LEDs inside can illuminate a space 74 cm x 35 cm and if you look on the previous page it illuminated our work space quite nicely. Some of the things that set the Screenbar apart from other ordinary desk lamps is that you can adjust the color temperature, brightness, and there even is an ambient light sensor that will detect the natural light and illuminate the LEDs to 500 Lux. When using the Screenbar I noticed that there was no glare on my screen at all, something I would notice when using a normal desk lamp. Also the Screenbar takes us far less space as well.

I think if you are considering the Benq Screenbar it really comes down to if you want to spend the money. It sells for $99 at our favorite online retailer, which is a lot considering you can buy a lamp from Ikea for $12.99. While the Screenbar is a far superior product and has many more features you could be spending that extra money elsewhere, say on a larger monitor, better graphics card, etc. But if you want the best desk lamp for your desk, the Screenbar is it! You really aren’t going to find a better lamp that covers your work space like the Screenbar does and has all of its features.

Overall ThinkComputers gives the Benq Screenbar e-Reading Lamp a 9 out of 10 score.

– Universal – should fit on most displays
– Works with curved displays
– Puts off a lot of light
– Brightness and temperature adjustment
– Ambient light sensor
– Powered by USB

– Price compared to ordinary lamps

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