Benq Screenbar e-Reading Lamp Review

I happen to work a lot at night and having a light at my workspace is definitely a necessity. Before getting the Screenbar I was using a normal desk lamp. It did a decent job, but if you look at the photo below you can see that it only would light up one side of my desk. I also would notice some screen glare on my monitor from the light.

Now switching things to the Screenbar you can see we have an even distribution of light across our desk and work space. I was actually surprised at how much light the Screenbar puts out. Even more important is that there is no screen glare or anything.

Benq Screenbar e-Reading Lamp

This lamp is not like an ordinary lamp either. First you have the ability to adjust the color temperature from 2700K all the way to 6500K. You can turn the brightness up or down if you want. Also the Screenbar has an ambient light sensor which will automatically illuminate it to 500 Lux.

Benq Screenbar e-Reading Lamp

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