Best Gaming Gadgets in 2016

A high quality gadget is essential for your success in playing games. It becomes even more important when you are playing games online, with real people and on real money. Leading gaming websites like M88 Online guarantee their visitors that their services work properly, without delays. So if you notice lags while playing some of their funny games, you should blame only your gadget or Internet provider.

The best gadget field for computer games is vast and includes everything starting with consoles and finishing with flight systems. By the way, the Logitech Flight System made the grade as one of the most sophisticated pieces of technology in 2016. You can feel the wind and turbulence, touch all the buttons you have on your control panel and feel like you’re really flying.

If you like racing more than flying, Logitech is ready to help you here with its G27 Racing Wheel. It makes you feel traction losses and weight shifts due to the simulation of a dual-motor force. You also get a speed shifter with 6 stages, steel pedals to make you feel you’re really in a car, and a wheel that turns 900 degrees.


Gaming gadgets now feel your motions, like Razer Hydra, which is the first motion-sensing gaming technology in the world. It responds less than in a second, which is vital in any game. Such a fast feedback is provided due to the ultra-latency usage.

Another great gadget from Razer is Nostromo, which is actually a sophisticated gamepad. It has 16 programmable keys that work really fast for you to get the best gaming experience with any game you choose for this gadget. It’s accompanied with a special wrist pad for better comfort without pain.

Now even a mouse can become a high-tech gaming gadget. The best example for 2016 is Cyborg M.M.O.7, as every button on it is programmable. Moreover, there’s a 5D button that is located under your thumb and gives you fast access to certain commands.


Gaming experience goes farther beyond simple games on disks every year. Both online and PC games become more sophisticated, and with the help of gaming gadgets you can finally feel yourself inside the game.

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