Best Operating System for Students: MacOS vs Windows

If there’s something that makes life tenfold easier for students, that is their laptop. A good laptop offers fast response and can handle quickly and efficiently all kinds of applications, from a plagiarism detector to video-editing software. However, to work at its best, your laptop depends on its operating system.

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Choosing the best operating system for you is a complex task. The Internet abounds in comparisons such as windows 10 vs mac os or Google chrome os vs Windows 10, which can confuse you if you are not sure what to look for. However, your needs as a student are pretty straightforward. You need a laptop to write your papers, check for plagiarism, use the Web, and read and print documents.

Is Windows 10 students, the most popular operating system, enough for your needs? Let’s find out in this article where we compare the world’s three best laptop operating systems: Windows 10, macOS, and Chrome OS. After finding their pros and cons, you will know which one is most suitable for you.

Best Operating System For Students

As a student, you need to rely on your laptop on a daily basis, so any small annoyance can turn into a headache when you’re pressured by difficult assignments and tight deadlines. Your first step in tackling dilemmas such as windows 10 vs mac os or google chrome os vs windows 10 is to learn which one of these operating systems has the most user-friendly interface. This will greatly determine how you interact with your laptop.

Considering that laptops using these three operating systems are priced differently, let’s see why it’s worth spending your money on a laptop and a good operating system. Looking at laptop prices, you may wonder if you really need a personal laptop when you have computers at your college library.

Not only that writing your paper on your laptop makes editing easier, but you also have the Internet always at your disposal, so you can immediately check sources online, find inspiration when stuck, or detect plagiarism for an important paper using a free plagiarism checker online. Simply put, a laptop allows you to work fast, smart, comfortable, and independently so you can stay atop of your academic responsibilities.

So which operating system can meet these needs?

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Interface and User-Friendliness

Windows 10, macOS and Google Chrome OS are meant for everyday consumers like you, so each prides itself on providing a clean and highly responsive UI. Below are, however, some distinctions between them.

  • Windows 10. This popular operating system offers a traditional desktop interface which can be easily optimized. The Start menu contains all your files and folders for ease of access. The possibility to pin programs to taskbar or desktop makes access even easier for your favorite applications, whether its Word, a plagiarism checker, or a game.
  • macOS. The macOS’s interface has remained constant throughout the years. Just like Windows 10, Apple’s operating system has a customizable taskbar for your favorite apps or programs. All your files, apps, and downloads will be organized in File Explorer. Files can also be grouped together on the desktop, under an expandable icon.
  • Chrome OS. This operating system has a customizable desktop interface, but users mostly interact with the browser. Since most students are dependent on the web for their coursework, this works great for them.

Top Features for Educational Use

Once you’ve decided which interface you prefer, it’s time for a thorough assessment of top features.

  • Windows 10. If you like to take notes, Windows 10 students allows you to switch between keyboard and touch-screen mode in 2-in-1 laptops. Another key feature is the new and improved voice assistant, Cortana, which can perform searches quickly while you are working on another app or program.

    Windows 10 also comes with the immensely useful Microsoft Office package, which most students find a must for their academic needs. It also allows users to use third-party programs like Adobe’s programs for photographers, photo-editors and videographers or CAD’s programs for engineers and 3D designers.

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  • macOS. Apple has developed the unique Spotlight feature, which is a tool that can quickly perform various operations such as calculating equations, scanning for a file, or showing you the local weather. Apple also has its own voice assistant for quick searches, Siri. Apple’s cloud storage is also a convenient feature for backing up your important research papers and documents.

    Unlike Windows 10, Apple does not like third-party programs but has its own versions of applications for various activities such as video-editing, emailing or instant messaging. The best feature of macOS is access to Apple Store with thousands of apps for educational purposes.

  • Chrome OS. Based on the Google Chrome browser, which is known for its speed, elegance, and ease of use, Chrome OS shares the same qualities. This operating system has eliminated unnecessary functions to become more lightweight, which means it’s the fastest. Many Chromebooks have touch screens, which is very useful when studying.

    While you cannot install third-party programs in the Chrome OS, all sorts of useful programs are available in the Chrome Web Store and Google Play Store. Thankfully, Google has developed excellent apps that even Windows 10 users are dependent on, such as Gmail, Google Translate, Google Drive, Google Docs.

Considering all the above, the best operating system is the one that best fits your needs. If you’re studying graphic design and prefer to work with Adobe, Windows 10 students may be the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you only need a laptop that can run a writing software and plagiarism checker, Chrome OS may be the most intuitive interface you can use. Who is the winner in the war of google chrome os vs windows 10, windows 10 vs mac os, or windows 10 vs chrome os depends on you.

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