Best Rockstar Games Installments of All Time

Rockstar Games is one of the most recognizable brands on the video game market since 1998. Its founders, Sam and Dan Housers, are rock-n-roll start in their business. There are no other people who could manage to go through numerous lawsuits with frankly controversial games almost without consequences. Moreover, some of their creations are in the list of the best-selling titles in history. In the run-up to PS5 and the unannounced GTA VI, recalled all Rockstar titles and picked up the best to play in 2020.

Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V is the latest installment in the legendary Grand Theft Auto series. Many would argue that it’s not the best, though, but there are solid arguments against it. You’ll find the full list of them in this detailed review of Grand Theft Auto V at GamesMojo, and here is the short version. This chapter is one of the best-looking games ever made due to the advanced RAGE engine for the visual side and the impressively realistic Euphoria on the physical side. Next, there are 3 badass characters with over-the-edge charisma. They can not only drive and shoot but also plan complicated robberies, solve private life problems, and be hilarious at the same time. GTA V broke every conceivable ales record and had on the biggest fandoms. It’s a kind of game that must be on the shelf of any gamer no matter what.

The Max Payne Series

This is a story of a runaway cop who’s chased by criminals and his colleagues for a false murder of his best friend. Moreover, his wife and newborn baby were killed. As a man who has nothing to lose, Max decides to fight with the criminal world of the city all alone. A bunch of guns and a jar of painkillers is all he has and needs to kill every outlaw on his way. It’s our favorite linear shooter at as it’s the most atmospheric classic action with a genial script, memorable characters, and extremely addictive gameplay. Every installment in the series is gorgeous, but the first two retros curated by Remedy are the worthiest.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Yes, it’s another GTA on the list, and there are numerous reasons for that, as well. Actually, it’s the second-biggest GTA installment when it comes to the map size, the roster of characters, the length and richness of the story, the intensiveness of action, and, of course, sales. In almost 16 years after the release, it remains on the 18th position in the worldwide top-list of best-selling games of all time with over 27.5 million legally-sold copies. By the way, GTA V hit 115 million. Astonishing!

The Rest Are Great Too

None of us at could agree on the last position, because there are so many great games left unmentioned! We urgently recommend you to play Bully, which is the one and only simulator of an actual violent school bully with a deep story of all the entailed problems. Next, try the L.A. Noire to understand why the Mafia series is the worst game about the US mafia. Of course, all other main chapters of GTA are worth attention due to extraordinary plots and humor. And don’t pass by Red Ded Redemption if you enjoy meditative gameplay mixed with realistic wild-west aesthetics and firm GTA narrative.

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