Best VPN services and what their strong suites are

When it comes to surfing the internet, there are a lot of threats that can occur. In that regard, there are also a lot of things that those which surf the internet can do to prevent their systems from being attacked or even targeted by malicious entities. Sure, there are a lot of tools which help you get rid of such problems, but many agree that it is far better to prevent than remove. That being said, one of the best ways in which you can prevent something like this is by preventing the online medium from gaining access to who you are. Each internet browser comes with an address that leads straight to you. You can hide that address with the help of a special tool called a VPN. Let’s take a look at the best VPN solutions which can be used to prevent anything malicious from the internet.


This VPN service comes with quite a few pros but also a couple of cons. For starters, cyberghost offers a slick appearance and it is quite pleasant to look at and interact with. On the same note, it is also very pleasant to use because it is logless, meaning it does not require a log. Last but not least, there is no data cap which means that navigation is extremely more efficient.

The bad sides to this service is the fact that every 6 hours you will disconnect, and once you do, the waiting queues to get back in are pretty long. These can be game breakers for some, but not that impactful for others, depending on the type of users.

It must also be mentioned that this service does not support downloading torrents, and also has a total of 15 locations for its servers.

Total VPN

This is another great VPN solution, but how does it differ from CyberGhost for example? The answer to that question is relatively simple. It also comes with no data cap and also a very pleasant interface and overall experience, but does not offer any kind of backup when it comes to protecting you against DNS leaks. Additionally, users will also find that it does however have the ability to retain logs.

The limitations of this service include having only 3 servers and a speed cap of 2 Mbps. These are factors that can prevent a lot of people from actually trying out, but those who do try it out might find that it is just what they wanted.


TunnelBear is another community fan favorite and it comes with its own batch of pros and cons. Starting out with the pros, it features a great interface that values simplicity and an artistic design as well as cute elements here and there that add flavor to the whole thing. Also, it is logless but not in its entirety. The last thing to mention is the fact that it offers an unlimited bandwidth, which is huge.

On the negative side, the data cap for this service is very iffy, and some might be turned off to the idea of TunnelBear because of that.

Users have to limit themselves to only 500 MB per month as per the data cap, and the service also does not support downloading torrents.


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