Best Ways to Detect SMS Tracker on Your Phone in 2022

You should be aware that your device is prone to various software and functionality compromises that could be stealing your data. While products such as SMS tracking apps identify deviant behavior, someone can use them to snoop on your life.

It can be challenging to determine whether your device is prone to such issues. With these tips, you can easily determine whether your device has an SMS tracker compromise:

Signs That There is an SMS Tracker on Your Phone

There are various signs that you can use to detect an SMS tracker on your phone, including:

Unusual Data Consumption Rates

SMS trackers document almost every vital detail in your phone and not just SMS content. The device then uploads the content to an online server, which consumes your data. You should be cautious when you notice any unusual data consumption levels in your device. It’s one of the best solutions for how to detect sms trackers.

Heating Issues

The constant scanning and uploading of data from your device means that it never gets rest. The result is that the phone starts overheating, and you will notice this each time you leave it unused for long periods. While the heating can be a device issue, remember that it might also be spy apps for android or iPhone working in the background.

How Can You Remove SMS Trackers from Your Phone?

There are various solutions you can use to remove SMS trackers from your phone, including:

Anti-Malware Programs

These include specialized software that scans each software or device that accesses your device. The anti-malware can also scan your device to detect specific threats, and you are likely to find some that are free.

The anti-malware programs ensure your device is also safe from malware software installations. It works almost the same way as an anti-virus, but with a few functionality limitations. Antimalware is perfect for when you don’t have a device with excellent hardware features. Or for when you have lots of apps running in the background.

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Anti-virus software

An anti-virus is another excellent solution for detecting a sms tracker on an iphone or android device. Any savvy user should realize it’s the best first step for how to know if someone is reading your messages. The software works in the background to scan your device for possible software threats and compromises.

Cybersecurity enthusiasts appreciate antiviruses because the software usually has a well-updated database that details any common anti-virus code. Once the software detects the virus, it provides a comprehensive report and a suitable solution. However, anti-virus products require re-licensing and regulation to ensure the best results.

Factory Reset

Finally, if the threat is still not detectable, consider performing the dreaded factory reset process. It’s a feature that lets you erase all the data on your device, such that it goes back to the same state as when new.

The factory reset usually involves pressing a few button combinations, such as the power and volume button. Or, you can access the setting section on your device and click on the factory reset setting. Your device will ask you to confirm whether you want to erase all your data. While it’s a loss, it’s the most accurate way of removing


You have many options for removing illegal software from your device. While it seems complicated, the choices you can try are immense, and the list above details just some of them. The key to success with these measures is staying attentive to the functions of your device daily.