Bezalel Wireless Charging Products Review

Bezalel Omnia Overview
The next product we received from Bezalel is their Omnia wireless car charger. Inside the package you’ll get the magnetic charging pad, dual USB car adapter, USB cable, and a user’s guide.

Bezalel Omnia

The Omnia is made to attach to an air vent or something similar in your car. On the back you’ll find a clip that makes this possible.

Bezalel Omnia

The main side of the Omnia has a rubber finish on it and your phone is made to sit on it, with the help of the magnetic latitude case of course. This charger will not hold a phone in place without the magnetic case. On the bottom edge of the Omnia is the microUSB connection.

Bezalel Omnia

The Omnia comes with a car adapter, which gives you two USB ports so you can charge your phone with the Omnia and still have another USB port for something else.

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