Bezalel Wireless Charging Products Review

Usage & Final Thoughts
So let me just tell you I was super excited about getting wireless charging products for my iPhone. With my home setup, I try to keep it clean and have as few cable as possible. Also if I do have my phone connected to a cable when I go to text someone back or make a call I have to disconnect it. It is just one extra thing that wireless charging solves. So I set the Futura X up on desk and with my iPhone 6s in the Latitude it placed it on the charging pad and it instantly started charging! It was that easy! Since the Latitude is a magnetic case it lines the phone up perfectly to get charged and you don’t have to worry about it falling off.

Bezalel Latitude

In the time that I received the Bezalel products to review I ended up getting an iPhone X, which does have wireless charging built it. I thought, “awesome I already have a wireless charger now”, but that ended up not being the case. Every time I would place my iPhone X on the Futura X charger it would start charging, but then lose charge, which was really disappointing. When I asked Bazalel about this they said they are working on a fix, but I haven’t seen anything announced. They also said they released the Latitude case for the iPhone X, but it is not on their website either. So at least currently the Futura X does not work with the iPhone X.

I attached the Omnia charger to an air vent in my car and connect the USB cable from the included USB adapter. The setup was pretty effortless, then with my iPhone 6s in the Latitude case I placed it on the charging pad and it stuck right in place. The magnet on Omnia is much, much more powerful than the one on the Futura X, this is obviously because it has to hold you phone on there. It should hold your phone in place no problem (while charging it), unless you plan on off-roading or something.

I think that Bezalel has great wireless products, especially if you have an older iPhone that does not have wireless charging. The Futura X ($39.99) is a great wireless charging pad for the home or office. Although as I mentioned it currently does not work correctly with the iPhone X. The Latitude charging case ($39.90) gives your older iPhone wireless charging capability. And finally the Omnia ($59.90) is the perfect wireless charger for your car, although you’ll need to use it with the Omnia case.

– Adds wireless charging to older iPhones
– Slim and simple design (Futura X)
– Easy to setup
– Both the Futura and Omnia work great with the Latitude case

– Futura X does not work with the iPhone X
– Omnia must be used with the Latitude case
– Lightning connector on the Latitude case is flimsy

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