Friday, July 20, 2018

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Bezalel Wireless Charging Products Review

Wireless charging for mobile devices is something that is finally becoming more mainstream, sadly iPhone users had to wait for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X to finally get wireless charging. Well Bezalel has been giving iPhone users the ability to wirelessly charge their phones since the iPhone 6 and has been offering wireless charging solutions for any other phones that supports it. Today we are checking out three products from Bezalel that will get you started with wireless charging. We have the Latitude Wireless charging case, Futura X Wireless charging pad, and the Omnia Wireless car charger.

LUXA2 GroovyW Bluetooth Speaker & Wireless Charging Station

LUXA2 GroovyW Bluetooth Speaker & Wireless Charging Station Review

Bluetooth wireless speakers have becoming extremely popular over the past couple of years. They can be used with multiple devices and are powerful enough to provide music for an entire room. They are also small enough that you can easily throw them in your backpack or laptop bag. LUXA2 has a new Bluetooth speaker in their GroovyW, but it is not your ordinary Bluetooth speaker. It comes with a removable wireless / wired charging station giving you 4000mAh of extra power for your portable device. The GroovyW also supports NFC for pairing, has touch panel controls, a microphone to take calls and comes with a companion App for both iOS and Android.

iOttie Easy Flex Wireless Qi Standard Charging Car Mount
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iOttie Easy Flex Wireless Qi Standard Charging Car Mount Review

I hate wires. No, really, I hate wires. I was one of the first people I knew to get WiFi in my house, I’ve never had a landline, and I used to joke that I cut the cable cord out of principle alone. All of this said, it’s no surprise that I’m big on wireless charging. I’ve got a Tylt VÜ at work, an official Nexus wireless charger (with magnets!) on my nightstand, and a DiGiYes dual-spot wireless charger in my living room. Now, with the iOttie Easy Flex Wireless Qi Standard Charging Car Mount, I’ve got wireless charging in my car, too. We first saw the Easy Flex Qi, as I’ve come to call it, and do remember that Qi is pronounced “chee”, at CES 2014, where it won a coveted CEA Innovations Award for its fantastic design and functionality. We’re glad to finally get our hands on one to see how it fairs under review.

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