Future MacBooks Will Wirelessly Charge Your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

A recent patent filed by Apple gives out details on how future MacBooks will be able to wirelessly charge your iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch.

The patent is named “inductive charging between electronic devices.” It explains the method implemented to enable iPhone, iPad, and Apple watch to be wirelessly charged from a MacBook. A drawing in the patent portrays both sides of a trackpad as wireless charging pads. This means that your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch will start charging once placed on the MacBook.

Inductive coils will be placed inside the MacBook, below the palm rest, that will act as power transmitters. The concept is similar to the concept of wireless chargers. Moreover, Apple has filed more patents with similar technology, confirming that there’s a possibility for this to occur in the future. The inductive coils can also be used to charge the MacBook itself.

You will have to charge your MacBook using a cord or base wireless charger, and then Mac will charge your other Apple devices.

You should know that patents do not always translate to actual products, and we are not sure whether Apple will implement this technology in their future MacBooks or not.