AMD Ryzen 5000 Cezanne APU Die Render Surfaces Online

One of the sources at videocardz has shared a picture of the upcoming Cezanne APU from AMD.

As for the technical specifications, the Cezanne will share the same number of graphic cores as Renoir APU, which will be 8 compute and graphic cores. It will also feature 16 threads. It also looks like both the APUs also share the same number of PCIe lanes. There are rumors that Cezanne’s successor, Rembrandt, will feature PCIe Gen4 support, but currently, it is unclear if Cezanne will feature support for PCIe Gen4 or not. Cezanne will feature 16MB of L3 cache too.

Concerning size, Cezanne is almost 10% bigger than Renoir. Cezanne’s side is estimated at 175 mm², which is almost 20 mm² greater than Renoir’s size, 156 mm². A larger L3 cache and a slightly bigger Zen3 core design are the reasons behind the size difference.

AND will announce its Ryzen 5000 series on January 11th. The processors will be housed in both low-power and high-end gaming laptops. The latest Ryzen 7 5700G APU leak suggests that the APU might be launched for the desktop series too.

Via Videocardz

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