Biostar B360GT3S Motherboard Review

Final Thoughts
Out of the four chipsets (Z370, H370, B360, H310) that Intel offers for its 8th generation “Coffee Lake” processors the B360 chipset still gives you quite a lot of features. I think that the B360 chipset is great for anyone who is not going to be overclocking their memory or CPU and are only running a single graphics card. With the B360GT3S you are only going to be able to run a single card at x16 speeds and you will not be able to overclock your memory or the CPU.

For some people that is just fine and if you took a look at our results over the previous few pages you can see that board is not far at all behind some of the previous Z370 boards we’ve reviewed in the past. So if you want to save some money that you would rather put toward a graphics card or NVMe solid state drive this board is a good choice.

Being that this was our first Biostar board I was quite impressed with their BIOS as well as motherboard companion software. Every setting you need is easily found and the BIOS is not clunky or slow. You also have full fan control and RGB controls in the BIOS if you want to set them that way.

Overall this board is a great choice, you can load it up with a “Coffee Lake” processor, graphics card, NVMe SSD, and some DDR4 and its performance will be pretty much on par with a Z370 board. Right now you can pick this board up at our favorite online retailer for right around $90. ThinkComputers gives the Biostar B360GT3S Motherboard a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10

– Price
– Two RGB headers
– Easy to use BIOS and companion software
– Good performance compared to Z370

– No CPU or memory overclocking
– Only one PCIe x4 M.2 slot
– Limited USB ports

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