Biostar B360GT3S Motherboard Review

Lights and Software
When you power on your system you’ll notice that the lights on the edge of the board by the audio components light up. These are RGB LEDs and can be set to any color you want. There is also a breathing mode and flashing mode that you can enable.

Biostar B360GT3S Motherboard Biostar B360GT3S Motherboard Biostar B360GT3S Motherboard Biostar B360GT3S Motherboard

Biostar does include motherboard companion software in the form of their RACING GT EVO Utility. When you first open the utility it will give you your system information.


The next tab is Smart Ear, which allows you to easily adjust your system volume.


GT Touch gives you three different performance settings. There is Normal, ECO, and Sport.


Vivid LED DJ allows you to configure the LEDs on the board as well as two RGB headers that are on the board. There is a color wheel that allows you to select the color then you have the LED sparkle option which allows you to have a flashing (Shine) mode, breathing mode, or a flashing music mode.


A.I. fan is your fan controls for the board. Here you can set the fan curve for the CPU fan as well as the two other fan headers on the board. You can also set each to PWM or DC modes.


Hardware Monitor is next. Here you can see a live view of your CPU temperature, system temperature, fan speeds, and voltages.


OC/OV is where you can overclock and change voltages. Since this is a B360 board most of these functions will not work.


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