BitFenix Announces the Portal Chassis

As a brand always striving to create unique products, BitFenix has provided some of the most eye catching chassis over time. Today, BitFenix is proud to announce the latest addition to its line-up, the BitFenix Portal. Transcending from traditional boxy cases, the Portal was designed to balance the aesthetics of the outside shape with the functionality of the unique interior structure.

Bitfenix Portal

Going beyond specification and functional design, the Portal’s elegant appearance with compact outer dimensions blend well into any environment. Premium grade aluminum molded into clear lines and discreet curves form a chassis that blends perfectly well into any environment. Despite the compact form factor, the Portal provides a versatile scope. Mainly designed as a Home Theater PC chassis, the Portal can still be utilized as gaming system if equipped with a 120mm radiator in combination with AIO or custom water cooling solutions. Designed for ITX Motherboards, the striking key component of the interior is the Dual Frame Design. The inner chamber, equipped with enough space for a high-end system, slides into the housing via a ball bearing runner design.

Bitfenix Portal

Inner Values and finishing touch
The Portal was designed to support today’s and tomorrow’s high-end components starting from an ITX Mainboard with Graphic Cards up to 300mm and up to two 3.5″ and a 2.5″ hard drives. Proper cooling is provided through the included 120mm intake and 80mm exhaust fan. To increase the cooling capacities a 120mm radiator for AIO or custom cooling is supported. The optional window on the top gives the Portal the final edge.

Bitfenix Portal

With the inverted Motherboard tray, the view will be clear on the latest RBG-lit Graphic Cards. As a finish, the black or white coating gives the Premium Grade Aluminum a smooth touch.

For more information, visit the product page.

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