NVIDIA “Volta” Consumer GPUs To Be Built On TSMC 12nm Process

NVIDIA’s consumer GPUs based on the “Volta” architecture will arrive some time in 2018. NVIDIA will be relying on their old faithful fab TSMC, to build those GPUs on a new 12 nm FinFET node that is currently under development. TSMC is currently using their 16nm FFC process, which debuted in mid-2015. The NVIDIA GP104 chip is built on this process.


This could mean that NVIDIA and AMD could go head-to-head through 2017-18, with NVIDIA relying on their current GeForce GTX 10-series “Pascal” GPUs and AMD releasing their Radeon Vega series which is scheduled for Q2-2017.

With the “Volta” architecture we could see stacked DRAM technologies like HBM2 gain more mainstream exposure, although GDDR6 is not too far behind.

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